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Covid-19 Bibliometrics

Accurate, Timely and Reliable Information About Covid-19


About Us

Dynamic Knowledge Mapping During Covid-19 Pandemic


The number of confirmed cases during the current Covid-19 pandemic is escalating exponentially. At the same time, the public are constantly being inundated with a formidable quantity of information, from innumerable sources, and containing both genuine as well as fake news. The Covid-19 “infodemic” is here.


Health professionals including medical doctors and nurses are busy fighting the virus on the front line in our communities and hospitals and struggling to treat the ever-growing number of cases. Scientists and technicians at their bench-tops and computers in their research laboratories, are racing to find solutions, create new protective equipment, and ideally develop a vaccine.

They all need accurate, timely and reliable information upon which they can make their decisions, find solutions, and help defeat this pandemic. This initiative aims to provide reliable and timely (initially at least twice a week) web updates on the relevant published literature. “Reliable” and “timely” means that it can be trusted and it is up to date; “relevant” and “published” means that it is focused on what health professionals and scientists need when facing both the pandemic and the infodemic, and it can be trusted as sound science. We plan to make the material succinct and accessible, and to provide key bibliometric indices such as source and citation.


  1. To update the global scientific community on current Covid-19 related published papers in an accessible, timely and trusted format

  2. To analyse the published papers for trends and to provide insights  

  3. To identify gaps in research

  4. To promote international research collaboration with a view to overcoming Covid-19 and promoting recovery


Covid-19 related publications to be searched using the Scopus database using as a minimum the following keywords:  2019-nCoV, SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19, novel Coronavirus. Papers then to be categorized according to topic, research fields, institutions, countries, etc. Abstracts and Papers to be reviewed for findings, trends, key insights, etc.

Our Team

Prof Dr Ng Kwan Hoong 

Medical Physics

University of Malaya (CV)


AP Dr Noorhidawati Abdullah

Information Science

University of Malaya (CV)

kiran kaur (1).jpg

AP Dr Kiran Kaur

Information Science

University of Malaya (CV)

Ray Kemp.jpg

Dr Ray Kemp

Health Risk Communication

Cambridge UK (CV)

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Taylors photo 2.jpg

Dr Yanti Idayu Aspura

Information Science 

University of Malaya (CV)

AP Dr Yeong Chai Hong

Medical Physics 

Taylor’s University (CV)

Dr Anjanna Kukreja

Infectious Disease

University of Malaya Medical Centre


We thank the following individuals who have given us suggestions, ideas and support:

We thank these who have given us suggestions, ideas and support:

Prof Dr Godfrey Azangwe, National University of Sciences and Technology, ZWE

Dr Mariam Bakshi, US Department of Agriculture, USA

Prof Dr Eva Bezak, University of South Australia, AUS

Prof Dr Hongmin Cai, South China University of Technology, CHN

AP Dr Gregory Clancey, National University of Singapore, SIN

Dr Chong Chin Heo, Universiti Institut Teknologi Malaysia, MAL

Dr Evelyn Ho, USA

Dr Wei Long Jong, Aukland City Hospital, NZ

Dr Dongmin Kim, University of Florida, USA

Prof Dr Jose F Lapena, University of the Philippines, PHL

Dr Jingmei Li, A*STAR, SIN

Prof Dr Lucy CS Lum, University of Malaya, MAL

Prof Dr Kartini Rahmat, University of Malaya, MAL

AP Dr Raja Rizal, University of Malaya, MAL

Prof Dr Tunku Sara, University of Malaya, MAL

AP Dr Mee Hong See, University of Malaya, MAL

Prof Dr Mau Pin Tan, University of Malaya, MAL

Mr Hoàng Anh Tùng, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, VNM

AP Dr Chan Yuen Wong, National Tsinghua University, TWN

Prof Dr Danny TK Wong, University of Malaya, MAL

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Prof Dr Yuedong Yang, Sun Yat-sen University, CHN